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Who is Maria?

          I am a middle-class white woman seeking to listen to the sound of the genuine within, to live a life in line with my spiritual longings and values.  My spirituality is rooted in the Christian faith and in movements for justice.  As a new mother, I'm currently noticing the sacred role of women in a new way - whether or not they become a parent.  I'm in awe of how quickly human beings learn and grow when they are young. I appreciate when morning journaling is a regular occurrence, but my days don't always allow for it in this season. I understand the struggle to do the mental shift necessary to see God in everything - and not only the special moments we set aside for our spirituality. In the spring and summer, my spirit finds new depth and grounding in the practices of planting, growing, and harvesting in my small (and beginner!) backyard garden.


Professionally, I serve as an ELCA Lutheran pastor in Minneapolis, MN where I deeply appreciate walking with people as they ask big questions, learning together, and preaching on Sunday mornings.  Before moving to Bloomington, I lived in Portland, Maine and served as a part time pastor at St. Ansgar Lutheran Church and as the lead organizer of Arise Portland - a spiritual community that celebrates and fosters wholeness.  It is through my work with Arise and the relationships I built with people from a variety of religious and spiritual locations that I have come to recognize my passion for uncovering the sacred in unexpected places. I deeply believe that when we open ourselves to the Great Mystery we find Her presence in our very midst, affirming that we are already whole and beloved just as we are.

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